A Practical Guide to Land Law, Conveyancing, Wills, Probate & Administration:

Land Law, Conveyancing & Succession to Property in The Bahamas.

by Clement Chigbo

Business and Investment Law in The Bahamas:

The Laws and Regulations Relating to Business and Investment in The Bahamas

by Clement Chigbo

The Intermarium:

Wilson, Madison, & East Central European Federalism

by Dr. Jonathan Levy

Company Law and Practice in the Bahamas.

Of all the Caribbean basin jurisdictions, The Commonwealth of The Bahamas arguably possesses the soundest and best grounded Companies Legislation. This text is the only essential primer on the topic and a necessity for anyone in the field of offshore company law.

Brimstone announces the publication of a major work on ´╗┐Company Law and Practice in The Bahamas´╗┐.

by Clement Chigbo