Dr. Jonathan Levy, PhD - Attorney

Washington DC

Jonathan Levy is a member of International Criminal Bar - Barreau Penal in The Hague and has practiced extensively before the UN organizations, the African Union, the European Union, international tribunals, and in the courts of several countries. Dr. Levy is an attorney licensed in the District of Columbia and California and is an advocate, barrister and solicitor in Caribbean, European and African jurisdictions.

Dr. Levy holds a PhD in Political Science and is a senior adjunct faculty member at two North American universities where he instructs graduate students in counter terrorism, international law and public administration He is a LLD candidate at the University of South Africa specializing in unrecognized governments. Dr. Levy is an attorney member of the United States Supreme Court Bar, US International Court of Trade Bar, US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces and numerous other federal courts.

Dr. Levy's 20 plus years as a litigator includes representing former heads of state, high ranking government officials, and numerous high profile cases. He is currently representing claimants seeking restitution of Second World War era assets from the Vatican Bank.

Ashmit Patel - Attorney
(Not a member of the District of Columbia Bar)

Chicago and Washington DC

Ashmit Patel is licensed in Illinois. His practice in the District of Columbia is limited to the US Federal Court of Claims and the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. Mr. Patel is a member of International Criminal Bar - Barreau Penal in The Hague. Mr. Patel also is a Canadian citizen and is experienced in Canadian immigration, investment and cross border transactions.

Mr. Patel has advised private and public companies on various mergers and acquisitions, IPO's, share offerings, debt restructuring, alternative financing, and public offerings. He has extensive experience working with various pubic exchanges and has the in depth understanding of exchange regulations necessary for any client seeking or looking to maintain a public listing. Mr. Patel has worked closely with, structured and advised private funds on various investments. He has had a predominant focus on the energy and natural resource sector.

Clement Chigbo – Of Counsel
(Not a member of the District of Columbia Bar)

Lagos, Nigeria and Nassau, Bahamas

Clement Chigbo was born in Port Hacourt, Nigeria. He was educated at University of Ibudan, Nigeria, Ashmadu Bello University, Zaria Nigeria, The Nigerian Law School, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, The Eugene Dupuch Law School, Nassau, Bahamas, The Universidad de Oriente, Santiago Cuba and the University of London. He is a barrister, solicitor and advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

He is a Registered Associate of the Supreme Court of the Bahamas and his areas of practice include, property law, personal injury, commercial and corporate law, international tax law, commercial arbitration. Mr. Chigbo is the author of three books, Conveyancing, Title Searches and Allied Matters, The Law and Regulation of Business and Investment in the Bahamas (Trafford Publishing, Canada) and Company. Law and Practice in the Bahamas (forthcoming). He is also an adjunct lecturer in law at Success Training College and The Bahamas Baptist College, Nassau, Bahamas.

Mr. Chigbo is a prolific writer and has published extensively in the Bahamas and his articles have attracted extensive international attention. He is currently a weekly columnist in the Bahama Journal a column that discusses topical legal issues. He also features regularly on various radio programmes in the Bahamas discussing current legal issues of concern in the Bahamian and the international community. He  holds a Master of Law (LLM) Degree from the University of London specializing in commercial and corporate law.