Heirs of Indonesia Politician Adam Malik Seek Funds From UBS, Estate Represented by Dr. Jonathan Levy in Secret Bank Account Class Action

San Francisco, 22 September 2014 (WSJ) - More than 30 years after secret account mysteriously closed, Brimstone seeks asset recovery on behalf of family of former Indonesian Vice President, Adam Malik

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Vatican Bank Conspiracy with Dr. Jonathan Levy

Cabinda Wins First Round in African Union case over disputed oil & mineral rights worth billions

JOHANNESBURG, 30 December 2011 (IRIN) - More than five years after the Front for the Liberation of Cabinda (FLEC) filed a complaint with the African Union (AU) against the Angolan government the African Union has agreed to ehar the case on the merit.

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AU Considers Cabinda Claims

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EU asked to Investigate Vatican Money Laundering Part II

$400 Million Class Complaint filed against Full Tilt Poker

July 4, 2011
Alderney,Channel Islands

A $400 million class complaint was filed today by Brimstone & Co. on behalf of players who placed bets with Full Tilt Poker and its affiliates prior to June 1, 2010. The complaint seeks return of an estimated $400 million in interest and credit card fees paid by gamblers to credit card companies while Full Tilt Poker which raked in billions in bets 2006-2010 from the United States in violation of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

Full Tilt Poker is currently under indictment in the United States for money laundering. Full Tilt Poker induced United States based players to make bets using phony cut out companies to evade the ban on credit card processing of Internet bets. While the bets were legal in the Channel Island of Alderney which licensed Full Tilt Poker, the money laundering was not. The players however are stuck with paying hundreds of millions in interest and fees to credit card companies which will not refund the fees and interest.

The complaint filed today with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission seeks compensation for the interest and fees paid on the illicit credit card debt.

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Jonathan Levy, Esq.
Duncan Macdonald, Solicitor (BVI)

UPDATE: A similar complaint has been filed with the Kahnawake Mohawk Gaming Commission.


Plaintiffs represented by Brimstone & Co.

Vatican Hit with Massive Claims of Sexual Abuse, Murder, and Child Labor by Québécois Orphans

Thousands of Former Orphans from Quebec Abused by Nuns and Brothers Seek Justice for Crimes Committed 1940s through 1960s, Several Catholic Orders Implicated

Dr. Jonathan Levy says Monitor Group likely under probe by Dept. of Justice over Libya -

Dr. Dr. Jonathan Levy interviewed by L'Osservatorio Italiano on fraudulent Federal Reserve note scams.

Nazi Victims represented by Dr. Levy Ask EU to Probe Vatican on Looted Assets

Kuomintang Business Group Faces Default Judgment in Chinese Gold Bond Case with Brimstone on behalf of Plaintiff Bondholders

Mattern v. PushTraffic
United States District Court- Central District of California

Thousands defrauded worldwide - defendants promised tons of money but milked credit cards instead. False links to Sergey Brin and Google used by defendants who preyed on the elderly and disabled. 93 year old victim lost his life insurance policy, other have lost homes and all their savings. Defendants laughed at their victims and told them "tough luck." Death threats made.


Lawsuit Against Pope in England

In advance of Pope Benedict's arrival in England, Brimstone's Dr. Jonathan Levy and Clement Chigbo have filed and have had issued a civil complaint against Benedit regarding the Catholic Church cover up of pedophile priests.

Canadian Orphans represented by our firm Demand Compensation for Sexual Abuse and Torture at the hands of Catholic Church

Update - December 1, 2010
Petition filed against Canada with UN Human Rights Council.

Petroleum Economist Journal:
"Alarm Bells Ring in Cabinda" cites Brimstone & Co.

Kuomintang sued by holders of defaulted Chinese Bonds represented by Jonathan Levy

Dr. Jonathan Levy on Novosti RT TV regarding Vatican Bank Money Laundering

Cabinda Football Massacre Was Work of Provacateurs. Investigation requested by Levy & Chigbo on behalf of FLEC (Front for the Liberation of the State of Cabinda)

Brimstone's Dr. Jonathan Levy accused of plotting treason by Republic of China for daring legal intervention on behalf of former ROC president Chen Shui-bian

Clement Chigbo's column in The Bahamas Journal

The Bahamas as an Emerging Centre for International Commercial Arbitration - Issues and Challenges

Dr. Jonathan Levy on the Alex Jones Show

Dr. Jonathan Levy comments on Angels and Demons

Brimstone's Dr. Jonathan Levy is attorney for former Republic of China president Chen Shui-bian.

As widely reported in The Economist and elsewhere Dr. Jonathan Levy has filed a ground breaking legal action with the highest military court in the United States seeking intervention on behalf of former president Chen. Chen Shi-bian in this legal action made the startling revelation that he was an agent of the US Military government of Taiwan and is now the subject of a treason investigation by the Kuomintang government of Republic of China.

Turks & Caicos Update

Britain is expected to seize full administrative control of the Turks and Caicos Islands next week after a corruption probe into the governance of the small Caribbean territory.