Brimstone & Company is an international law firm with a growing global presence. With an office in Washington, D.C. and affiliates in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean, we work closely with clients to advance business objectives on an international level. 

Our focus on providing strategic, pragmatic and responsive legal counsel in each of our core practices has made us the firm of choice for international clients seeking to structure transactions, manage risk, protect and develop assets, pursue remedies and resolve disputes. Clients value our guidance on sophisticated matters ranging from multijurisdictional litigation to complex, cross-border transactions. With fully integrated offices throughout the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and Africa, Brimstone & Company protects and advances the interests of clients wherever they do business.

We advise multinational companies on public or private enterprises and help emerging companies grow. From critical regulatory and compliance matters to deals, transactions, and high-stakes litigation, we're prepared to do what it takes to defend and protect our clients' interests. 

A client's goals and priorities are not the same for every matter.  So we offer the right balance of experience and cost-efficiency to perform against each specific objective.  If a client needs to preserve a relationship while negotiating a difficult issue, we craft a creative solution to achieve both outcomes.  For routine legal work, we staff matters to provide good work at favorable rates.   And when a client faces an absolute must-win situation, we provide top legal counsel with international reputations who can pull out all the stops.  Simply put, the desired end determines how we structure the means.

Our firm name derives from Brimstone Fortress, known as the Gibraltar of the West Indies in reference to its imposing height and seeming invulnerability.